extra ordinary?

not to me

There are severe cultural limitations on heuristics like Occum's Razor & ECREC (Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence). What is extra ordinary to one is not to another. What is logical to one is not to another, and vice versa.

Two typical Japanese people would take it for granted that human beings communicate via 一心伝心。Two typical Americans would not. Is extraordinary evidence required to prove 一心伝心? To Americans, yes. To Japanese, no.

Similarly, The Late, Great Abbot Martin Mosko 北条様 and I were adamently in agreement that 'logic' is a culturally subjective concept. What might seem very logical to an American, would seem very illogical to a Japanese person. In one instance, Occum's Razor (which suggests the simplest explanation is often the most logical) might give a Japanese person the explanation which is 180 degrees opposed to the American explanation.

The Devil is in the details, and before that devil gets on top of a bar again, I hope he shaves his chest.

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