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Mr. Business

Big enough to kill. Not big enough to shake my hand.

If there is one event that I could point to that tipped the 2020 election one way or the other, that event would be me. Specifically, riding my bicycle down Old Tale Road in Colorado on the way to morning services at temple. To my right, on a lawn, I saw the sign in the cover photo. How true, I realised.

I repeatedly explained to any who would listen, and many who would not, that respect is all that matters. Everything starts with respect.

Then that "President" didn't like my decision, so he tried to take what wasn't his because his entire life he'd been taught he could have whatever he wanted, if he wanted it badly enough and had no morality, no ethics. We stopped him. Twice. We will stop him again.

We must not be overconfident. Freedom requires constant vigilance. Sometimes I wonder if we Americans have ever known true political freedom. The opportunity is there. We must grasp it. Hold it tenderly, thoughtfully and with great kindness. The best things in life are nurtured with grace.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
US Supreme Court justice from 1902 to 1932

Mr. Holmes appears to have been unfamiliar with the elasticity of the mind of the typical American voter. Most American jurists live in ivory towers. Until now.

When I was born, interracial marriage was still illegal in America. Had my mother's race been known, my parents could have been legally prohibited from marrying. Next time you think to yourself how far we have come, remind yourself, we've only changed some of man's laws. God's reign has only just begun.

Who means business now?