War crime, what war crime?

might makes right

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On my desk are two documents previously marked Top Secret and dated July 1947. They show not only full U.S. participation in allowing the Japanese medical torturers who escaped to Tokyo to go free in exchange for information, but that the Pentagon actually paid them. As General Charles Willoughby, chief of U.S. Military Intelligence (known as G-2) gleefully noted to his headquarters, these pay-offs were "a mere pittance... netting the U.S. the fruit of 20 years' laboratory tests and research" in this "critically serious form of warfare." - Christopher Reed

Only a lack of intelligence officer would think he got a bargain.
What do you think FDR and Hirohito planned in Kyōto?

7 = America's lucky number
3 = trinity
1 = sucker

Gen. Ishii lived on the outskirts of Tokyo until his death in 1959. Other “graduates” of Unit 731 include the former governor of Tokyo, the former president of the Japan Medical Association, the former director of the health ministry’s preventive health research centre, the former chairman and president of Green Cross Corp. and the past heads of a number of Japanese medical schools. The man in charge of vivisections, Yoshisuke Murata, became director of the respected Kyoto University medical school, and later medical director at Kinki University.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Would you care for a Corona?

Unless you believe the laws of physics didn't apply on a day in September 2001, the A Crown virus is just a bad case of flu. Death induced by mass media, public hysteria and mob rule.

Before the oBomber's reign, I was informed the CDC was creating super viruses 'just for practice'.
I told them to stop.

  1. Most of our difficulties are due to poor communication. 
  2. Poor communication is due to an inability or unwillingness to understand. 
  3. Before one becomes cognisant of an idea, that idea must enter a portion of one's brain that decides if one wants to understand the idea. 
  4. If one's brain determines one doesn't wish to understand the idea, one does not 'think' the idea, much less believe the idea. 
  5. If one wishes to free one's mind, one must free oneself from want.

Q. If America acknowledges torturing people outside America's borders, where would America develop a weaponised form of my germs?
A. Some place with good 飲茶。

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About 15 years ago, I was working at Yamaguchi International Law Offices, AKA Osaka International Law Offices, YILO or OILO. We were discussing favourite novels, and I asked Mr. Yamaguchi what his favourite novel was. He replied, Confessions of a Mask, by Yukio Mishima. At the time, I could tell he did not think the novel was his favourite. He was making a point about my mask.

If the politicians and oligarchs wanted to limit Covid-19, they would install portable hand washing stations in front of stores, etc. Hand washing limits contagion much better than masks. Look at how filthy people's hands are in Colorado. Ask them when did they last wash their mask.