when were you bourne?

not so woke as you thought

I've often wondered why Americans get so up in arms regarding female circumsion in faraway lands, while they gleefully emasculate the American male. The common reply is female circumsion is worse. Not sure what metric you are using to determine that.

Another answer is that circumcising males is healthier. This from a mega biopharma industry. How many diseases are you taking medication for today that did not exist a century ago? Where did those diseases come from? Capitalism.

Another curious lack of coming of age ceremony is baptism. How can an infant know he is Christian? I was given no choice. How does one choose a religion when you have yet to gain the age of consent? Yet to communicate a word in the language in which you will be brainwashed?

I am a great admirer of the Amish. They seem to have gotten so much right. I used to keep shabbat. One day a week, no electrical junk. Tranquil, just not easy in downtown EasternCapital when your spouse isn't Jewish. The Amish have seven days of tranquility.

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Another A for the Amish is the Rumschpringe. Are you serious about your faith? Well, go find out. If not, keep going. If you are, welcome home.

Some people know God. God is love, the gods are life. That's all the gods have ever been.