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learning without educating

the best teacher a child ever has is herself

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It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.

Women? Not so much.

Maria Montessori

You: You just bit my hand!
I: I am a caged animal. Everyday people pass my cage and throw stones, poke me with sticks or shock me with cattle prods. Food to condition or poison me is within reach. Some drop food because they pity me, perhaps from Christian or Caucasian guilt, but many suffering from Christian or Caucasian guilt are not Christian or Caucasian. The pitiers are the most dangerous because they confuse the ecosystem. Until we have a process that benefits all, and we understand how we might gain, I will bite the hand that feeds me.

An individual cannot be happy unless the entire world is happy. - Kenji Miyazawa

Kenji Miyazawa

Everyone regrets.

Few admit.

Fewer recognise.

Mak! Get in that tire! - Craig Hoffman in Mrs. Gilman's 4th grade class at Council Rock Elementary School

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Why are the film and recording industries so strict with their own IP, and so liberal with other's?

Q. Why is Philip Seymour Hoffman dying of a heroin overdose funny?

A. When was the last time you saw a fat アレン addict?

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