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born to ignorance & privilege

prerequisite of success?

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Uncle Sam wants the how,
the man from U.N.C.L.E. wants the what &
the Uncle Steves want everything.

It was possible to change her mind, but she would never admit to having been wrong. She would furiously resist an argument by every device at her disposal one day, only to produce it unblushingly the next day as her own, with no acknowledgement that she had shifted her ground or that her interlocutor might have had a point.

Some colleagues reckoned that this aggressive manner was both necessary, at least in the beginning, and effective. Lord Carrington suggests that it was the only way that Mrs. Thatcher, as a woman, could have asserted her authority in the circumstances of 1979-81. John Hoskyns likewise believes that she had to be 'impossible, difficult, emotional, in order to try to bulldoze . . . radical thinking through' against those he termed 'the defeatists' in the Cabinet.

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If competition is for losers,

the struggle is for winners.

Examples abound of scientists not leveraging their ideas. Tesla let Edison rob him because Tesla objected to Edison's and General Electric's ethics. Privacy is invaded so others may steal our intellectual property. For example, the reiteration espoused by Eric Ries was a fundamental portion of my autobiography.

I do think we're way too focused on iteration as a modality and not enough on trying to have a virtual ESP link with the public and figuring it out ourselves.

— a man fronting for a man helping America kill Arabs cheaper

As the speaker might realise, Mr. Ries omitted the most important: telepathic communication with the multitude.

the ignorance of affluence

The we are the better exploiters argument is often used by thieves to rationalise their spoils. The most massive example of this was the theft of Asian and African intellectual property (IP) by European cultures. The invention of IP registration and protection can be explained by a need to protect wrongful acquisitions. The invention of the passport and nationality system provides another method for hoarding and exploitation.

Certainly if you go back to: you need to create X dollars in value and you capture Y percent of X, I would suggest that the history of science has generally been one where Y is zero percent across the board [. . . ] The thing that I think people always miss when they think about these things, is that because "X" and "Y" are independent variables, some of these things can be extremely valuable innovations, but the people who invent them, who come up with them, do not get rewarded for this. [ . . . ]

We should ask is this a rationalization to obscure the fact that "Y" equals zero percent . . .

If Y equals zero, fame, fortune and progress will not bring us happiness, or make our lives better.

Only we can.

Rich women are not prettier than poor women.

- Deborah Elizabeth Pecora née Allen​

Yea they are. They have more money for make up, healthy food, and clothing. Ijiot.

Victory awaits him who has everything in order - luck, people call it.

- Roald Amundsen